Darren Leader Studio

UEA Earlham Hall Hoarding Wrap
The Law School Comes Home

UEA’s Law School recently returned to its home, the historic Earlham Hall. Studio was commissioned to design two hoarding wraps which conceal two parts of the renovation site and bookend the pathway to the building’s new entrance.

The first part displays, ‘Then & Now’ which features archive images of when Earlham Hall was the base for the UEA and Vice-Chancellor and later, the home of the Law School in 1977. ‘Now’ displays images of Earlham Hall’s renovated interior and a new generation of undergraduates.

The second part of the hoarding, tells the story of Earlham Hall’s role in history, as home to the Gurney family and the achievements of Elizabeth Fry and George Borrow. ‘Lost & Found’ reveals the many artifacts discovered during the renovation.